Tenebrae Cor is Moving!
An Open Letter to Tenebrae Cor Members (9/13/2015) from Doug Wagner (Derex - Previous Guild Lead)

All Tenebrae Cor Members:
Tenebrae Cor is MOVING!

After many years of hosting this fine website and playing host to all of you, my previous guild mates, it is time I turn over control of our legacy and it's
memories to one who has more time than I do.

Recently, Joel (Known by us all as Triden) sent me an e-mail asking to take over the Tenebrae Cor domain and I'm glad to turn over control to him.

For anyone who happens by the website over the next few days/weeks, the domain will be in flux and the software/content we've used in the past will not be
accessible. What will happen to the user IDs, logins, website, etc. will now be in Triden's control. I suspect whatever Triden sets up will likely require
new logins and new passwords to be generated, however Triden will have a copy of both the old website and the old login information, he may be able to do
something with it.

Regardless, please check back on tenebraecor.org regularly over the next several weeks as we transition the domain to a new home and a new owner. We both
(Triden and I) hope that those of you reading this will join back up with the Tenebrae Cor Guild at it's new home on the web and rekindle the friendships and
memories we spent years of our lives creating.

On a personal note, it's been a pleasure providing this website to those of you who have used it, both in the past and who still do. I hope your time on my little
corner of the interwebs (yea, I did use that word) was pleasurable and I'll do everything I can to work with Triden to get a new home up for the past and
present members of the guild as soon as we possibly can.

In short, (like I've EVER been short with anything I've written), hang tight! Tenebraecor.org will be back soon!